Muay Thai is a martial art that originated from Thailand that combines kickboxing strikes with knees, elbows and clinches. Your typical Muay Thai workout consists of moderate to high intensity focusing on strength, technique and endurance. Making it the ultimate all over workout for those wanting to increase their fitness.

A typical training session will consist of a varying warm-up, pad-work and offensive and defensive technique drills with a focus on all the basic compnents of fitness –  Strength, Speed, Endurance, Flexibility & Power. Cool-downs are also an important part of all training sessions and sparring is offered for the more advanced levels (under supervision by an instructor).

At XLR8 we cater for all training levels from beginners to advanced classes for all fighters and fitness enthusiasts. We also offer challenging Womens classes in MMA Fit for that ultimate MMA/cardio training workout.

What to wear: Thai shorts, t-shirt, hand-wraps and gloves. If sparring is involved, we recommend additional equipment such as mouthguard, shin-pads and headgear. Equipment is provided for beginners or we have great XLR8 Muay Thai packages available for purchase.


• Adult Muay Thai (mixed)